Type CyberCyberCyber/Cyber
Attack Low
Life Average
Speed Fast
Health Points 911
Speed 6.67
Attacks Cyber Ecstatic Charge

Cyber Ecstatic Charge+

Cyber Cable Lash
Cyber Cable Lash+

Resistant to Saber Saber

Zoomorph Zoomorph

Weak against Necro necro

Galactic Galactic

"More human to human? She's not going to fool anyone, but she is the ultimate technological combatant. A true blending of pure cyber-research all wrapped in an attractive titanium shell."

—Mutopedia's description

"Android is a Mene Mutant. Its primary gene and secondary gene both are Cyber gene."


Although its speed its much faster than Stealth Bot its considered weak due to its low attack and average hp.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Android appears as a female android with purple hair and its has a tazer like lightsaber as a weapon.


Android stats is very weak even against a zoomorph it wouldnt much damage. Even, lvl 6 would probaly damage aleast 450.


Tazing WhipEdit

Android will walk forward. Then use its tazer and whip it to the target.

Ecstatic Charge+Edit

Cable LashEdit

Android will leap forward. Then her tazer like lightsaber turns into a whip. Then she use it to lash all the opponent enemies .