Type ZoomorphCyberZoomorph/Cyber
Attack Destructive
Life Resistant
Speed Slow
Health Points 1166
Speed 3.7
Attacks Cyber Cyber Web

Cyber Cyber Web+

Zoomorph Arach Attack
Zoomorph Arach Attack+

Resistant to SaberSaber

Mythic Mythic

Weak against Cyber Cyber

Galactic Galactic

"Be careful around this creep-crawly cyber arachnid. Her web attack has adhesive power 100 times more strong than a regular spider, easily rendering her opponents immobile and rather sticky. Watch out for her mechanical babies which, although small, can overcome in mass if not prepared."

Mutopedia description

How to obtainEdit

You cannot get Arachno by breeding but usually by purchasing during actions (or by tournaments or events). As soon as you have one, you can you e.g. Beast and Arachno to get higher types of Arachno (e.g. bronze star + Beast + Arachno)


Arachno is a Zoomorph (Primary) and Cyber secondary creature. Therefore it is strong against (+25%) Saber and Mythic and excels (+50%) against Zoomorph and Saber. As primary Zoomorph it is weak (takes +25%) against Necro and fragile against Galactic opponents.


Cyber Web+Edit

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Okano Attack+Edit

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