Astro Surfer
26-08-2013 12-35-50
Type GalacticGalactic Galactic/Galactic
Attack Very High
Life Resistant
Speed Slow
Health Points 1152
Speed 3.85
Attacks GalacticStellar Punishment

GalacticStellar Punishment+

GalacticAlpha Centauri
GalacticAlpha Centauri+

Resistant to Cyber Cyber

Zoomorph Zoomorph

Weak against Necro Necro

Mythic Mythic

From the mysterious depths of... well nobody knows! An enigma, some say the International Space Station was brought down when they first engineered this cosmic bad boy. All we know is that he started showing up on the circuit and there's been no stopping him since!

—Mutopedia's description

Cross Breeding InfoEdit


or any combination Galactic+Galactic