Type Zoomorph Zoomorph
Attack Medium
Life Average
Speed Intermediate
Health Points 1042
Speed 5
Attacks Zoomorph Mad Maul

Zoomorph Mad Maul+

Neutral Lunar Infusion
Neutral Lunar Infusion+

Resistant to Saber Saber

Mythic Mythic

Weak against Cyber Cyber

Galactic Galactic

"The Beast, the ultimate predator, there is no escape from the savagery and animal cunning contained in these mutants. Maybe you wouldn't want a beast as a pet but every psy-captain wants one in his team."

Mutopedia description

The Beast is the first non-fundamental Mutant obtainable in the game. Simply defeat the Boss in Mexicopolis to unlock a Zoomorph gene.


Beast has impressive balance of stats. Simply using him as a frontline attack, bulwark or to chase down the enemies are quite favorable to all psy-captains.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Beast is an anthropomorphic wolf-hare mutant that wears a pants and some armors. It's body is mostly in chains, while the claws are like raven's talons.


Even though that Beast is a Basic Zoomorph, he is notably very useful in many battles. One may not want him to be the only bulwark against Cybers since his endurance might not be enough. Using Beasts are always easy with its Lunar Infusion attack, universal and tactical.



Beast leaps forward towards the target, then slash them with one powerful slash with his claws.

Mad Maul+Edit

Beast leaps forward towards the target. Then, he performs a slash with one hand, after that he does a bite, & finished with a powerful thrust using his other hand.

Lunar InfusionEdit

Lunar Infusion attack is perform by Beast in concurrence of the moonlight. He'll howl to the skies while summoning the white full moon, the target will then be hit with a celestial moonstruck.

Lunar Infusion+Edit

The Beast will howl the skies while summoning the yellow full moon with pairs of eyes surrounding the target. The screen blacks out. Then the target attacked by a series of slashes and bites by the no pode 10 tira 3000 mil opedia.png|Zomborg Mutopedia 06-08-2013_16-21-15_1.gif|Attack Pull My Finger (animation) 21-08-2013_13-10-00.png|Zomborg Bronze Mutopedia Zzomborg.jpg|Zomborg Cross Breeding Info 20-08-2013 23-11-48_1.gif|Pull My Finger+ (animation) 27-08-2013 19-23-19.png|Silver Zomborg (offers in store)