Beetle Bot

Beetle Bot

Bronze Beetle Bot

Type CyberZoomorphCyber/Zoomorph
Attack Destructive
Life Tank
Speed Very Slow
Health Points 1208
Speed 3.45
Attacks Cyber Barrel Bomb

Cyber Barrel Bomb+

Zoomorph Turbo Charge
Zoomorph Turbo Charge+

Resistant to SaberSaber

Zoomorph Zoomorph

Weak against Necro Necro

Galactic Galactic

"Beetle combat had always been popular amongst small boys so the Beetle Bot was instant sucess with children worldwide. But it's not just kids who love this giant carapaced creature, nothing sends a crowd wild like the Beetle Bot doing its singnature move."Drill,baby,drill."

—Mutopedia description

Beetle Bot is a Mene Mutant with primary Cyber gene and a secondary Zoomorph gene. It is very favorable for it's high attack power and high resistant hp.


Although its speed halves that of its Mene counterpart, Reptoid, Beetle Bot's overall high attack and resistant hp makes up for its speed.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Beetle Bot appears as bot cover in beetle armor to cover it up its wires, but because due to its tank-like body, it moves very slow.


Beetle Bot's good destructive attack and resistant is very admirable for a Mene Cyber. Among the other weak Cyber mutants (Robot, Dead Bot, Android), Beetle Bot along with Colossus have high hp and powerful attacks.


Barrel BombEdit

Beetle Bot jumps forward.Then, it will open its massive mouth.Finally it will launch a nuclear bomb from its mouth.

Barrel Bomb+Edit

Beetle Bot jumps forward.Then, it will open its massive mouth.Finally it will launch multiple bombs onto the enemy.

Turbo ChargeEdit

Beetle Bot will jump forward. Then its activates its boosters and charge towards it enemy.

Turbo Charge+Edit

Beetle Bot will jump forward. Then it open its mouth and drill comes from the mouth and then Beetle Bot charge towards the enemy with its drill.