Captain Wrenchfury
06-09-2013 13-17-51
Type CyberSaberCyber/Saber
Attack Very Low
Life Weak
Speed Very Fast
Health Points 819
Speed 8.33
Attacks Cyber Missile Strike

Saber Wrecking Wrench

Resistant to Saber Saber

Zoomorph Zoomorph

Weak against Necro Necro

Galactic Galactic

"Captain Wrenchfury is based on an old-fashioned robot design found from way back in the 2100s. The first prototype, orignially designed for domestic maintenance, never properly worked and the project was canned. However, once the Warrior gene was discovered the old designs were brought back to life in the form of a champion fighting machine"

—Mutopedia's description

Cross Breeding Info.Edit

android + martian marauder