Type ZoomorphNecroZoomorph/Necro
Attack Low
Life Average
Speed Fast
Health Points 1060
Speed 5.88
Attacks Zoomorph Portal Shred

Zoomorph Portal Shred+

Necro Fires of Hell
Necro Fires of Hell+

Resistant to Saber Saber

Mythic Mythic

Weak against Cyber Cyber

Galactic Galactic

"Guarding the gate of Hades just wasn't tough enough for this overside pooch.This fearsome opponent will scare you back to the underworld and as for strategy they say two heads are better than one,so what about three."

—Mutopedia description

Ceberus is a Mene Mutant with primary Zoomorph gene and a secondary Necro gene.


Unlike its Meme counterpart Undead Dragon Cerberus is consindered to be one of Zoomorph weakest mutant.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Cerberus appears as the ancient guardian cerberus in real life but it's cover in some armor and one of its head looks like rotting flesh. Also it has chains attached to its neck and it has nails stick through on his front legs.


Portal ShredEdit

The Cerberus will jump through a portal. Then the portal warps in front of the enemy and then Cerberus will use its heads to bite its enemy.

Portal Shred+Edit

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Fires of HellEdit

The Cerberus will jump through a portal. Then the portal warps below the enemy and then the Cerberus under the enemy will fire flames.

Fires of Hell+Edit

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