Cyber Symbol

Cyber Mutants are one of the three basic types you can get. They are weak to Zombie and Strong against Saber at the start of the game. Later on they will be Pathetic against Galactic and Brutal against Zoomorph in addition to earlier strengths and weaknesses.


Icon Name Icon Name
Robot Icon Robot Android Icon Android
70px Goliath Dead Bot Icon Dead Bot
Stealth Bot Icon Stealth Bot Captain Wrenchfury Icon Captain Wrenchfury
Beetle Bot Icon Beetle Bot Colossus Icon Colossus
06-09-2013 13-15-40 Deus Machina 70px Virgon

Cyber CompoundsEdit

Name Cost Maximum Gain Capacity Size
Cyber Compund 5000 credit 500 credit 2 Mutants 7 x 7
Super Cyber Compund 15000 credit 2500 credit 3 Mutants 8 x 8
Mega Cyber Compund 25000 credit 9000 credit 4 Mutants 9 x 9

Cyber AttackEdit

Name Ability Name Ability
Android IconAndroid Ecstatic Charge

Cable Lash

Arachno IconArachno Cyber Web
Beetle Bot IconBeetle Bot

Barrel Bomb

Turbo Charge

Colossus IconColossus

Electro Punch

Meteor Smash

Dead Bot IconDead Bot

Reverse Matrix Bolt

Mortal Shockwave

70pxDeus Machina


Deus Ex Machina

Enforcer IconEnforcer

Arresting Punch

Gatling Gut

Planet Cleaner IconPlanet Cleaner


Techno Rage

Reptoid IconReptoid Thermal Detonation Robot IconRobot

M2M Missiles


Stealth Bot IconStealth Bot

Tazer Beam

Saber Slice

Terrordoll IconTerrordoll

Ghost in a Shell

Scissor Slash

Zomborg IconZomborg

Chuckling Chuck-Up