Dead Bot
Dead Bot
Type CyberNecroCyber/Necro
Attack Very Low
Life Weak
Speed Very Fast
Health Points 884
Speed 7.14
Attacks Cyber Reverse Matrix Bolt

Cyber Reverse Matrix Bolt+

Necro Mortal Shockwave
Necro Mortal Shockwave+

Resistant to Saber Saber

Zoomorph Zoomorph

Weak against Necro Necro

Galactic Galactic

"Necrotic science has enabled man to keep flesh 'alive' long after its expiration date and combined with cybernetics the armored Dead Bot is a creation with single desire, eradicate the living. Drawing from its own body fluids, its acid will dissolve even the sturdiest foe"

—Mutopedia's description


Although its counterpart Zomborg its been proven that if its lvl 11 its attack can be powerful and its speed is very fast, but the downside is it has average hp.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Dead Bot appears as a robot and its possible that its zombie flesh fusing its armor together from falling apart. And it has a heart in the middle of his chest

Tips of Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Although its strength says very low when lvl up it can be very useful it can even give enforcer some trouble. Its weakness is Zombie and Galactic.