Dire Despot
Dire Despot
Type NecroSaberNecro/Saber
Attack Very High
Life Resistant
Speed Slow
Health Points 1173
Speed 3.7
Attacks Necro Spectral Strike

Necro Spectral Strike+

SaberPhantom Blade
SaberPhantom Blade +

Resistant to Cyber Cyber

Galactic Galactic

Weak against Saber Saber

Mythic Mythic

"The Dire Despot reigns without mercy over its domain,spreading death and destruction.It takes unnatural pleasure in its role of executioner.Prepare yourself, judgement will be ruthless."

—Mutopedia's description

From the Sinister Scientist:

The Dire Despot is a decent member of any team and is incredibly strong very early in the game.


From the get go, you'll discover that He can get rid of Cybers (25% Boost), Galactic (50%), other Necro (25% Boost after Level 5), and Mythic (50% Boost after Level 5, though I would rather wait until Level 15).

Which means that only Sabers can really touch this thing and lets be honest, most of the Sabers are relatively weaker than most of the mutants in this game. The only threat early on is the Enforcer and that's a staple in many teams nowadays.

With the overall raw power and Hp to spare, you can pretty much replace the zombie when you get more mutants. In the Necro family, ONLY the Undead Dragon has more firepower than him and that thing is a beast!!!


Due to being slow and powerful, most players will recognize the threat and will quickly do anything to get rid of it. So getting a turn with this is a problem. You'll want to level it past 10 in order to get anything going for it in the season.

That said, it's a tedious thing to level, but if you have the time, then you "should" be fine. Also, Anyone with the patience to get Bushi will get rid of him fast and in a hurry. Beware of him.


You want to end mutant teams with him and to do that, you'll need to lead the attention away from him. Having someone incredibly fast (Honey Bunny or the Alien for example) will have them focus on them a turn or deviate their attention to splitting up attacks as they may feel, intimidated by mutants with speed.

When that happens, you can then give them a taste of death. Also, another good tactic is to bring someone beefer than him. Beetle Bot, Undead Dragon, Enforcers all have combat presence and are always a threat to any team. When that have to wegh the options, they will either get rid of the Undead Dragon (Due to his Destructive Power), The Beetle Bot (unless they have answers for it.), or the Enfrocer (Speed plus power.) before focusing their attention on the Dire Despot..