Kaiju Kitty
Kaiju Kitty
Type ZoomorphZoomorphZoomorph/Zoomorph
Attack Medium
Life Average
Speed Fast
Health Points 985
Speed 5.56
Attacks Zoomorph Biting the Hands

Zoomorph Biting the Hands+

Zoomorph Cuddly Invasion
Zoomorph Cuddly Invasion+

Resistant to Saber Saber

Mythic Mythic

Weak against Cyber Cyber

Galactic Galactic

"What a cutie pie, you could just drown in those eyes! But mind out kitties got claws and a huge gaping in maw. She's a family favorite and what's more cute than a little bitty kitty!"

—Mutopedia's description

Kaiju Kitty is a Double Gene Zoomorph. They can be easily obtained by breeding two Beasts together.


Kaiju Kitty is notably quite favorable for it's looks. But, it's slightly low-average yet balanced stat is quite admirable for something that looks...innocent.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kaiju Kitty has an appearance of either a ragamuffin, ragdoll, siberian, scottish fold, nibelung, or even the shorthair-longhair breeds. It has a pair of notably large cute eyes which irises are turquoise, while having a distinctive wide pupil. Kaiju Kitty's coat is clean grey, while it is white at the paws, hind legs, the undercoat and by the muzzle. It wears a skull necklace, but in certain variations, Kaiju Kitty's necklace can have other appearance.


Although Kaiju Kitty is clearly a Double Gene Zoomorph, one should not only use them with party members with low Life and Attack. They have a low-intermediate stat, which are fair, but not great. Leveling them up with Beasts or other Cybers is good since Beasts and most Cybers have good Life.


Biting the HandEdit

This attack is engage by Kaiju Kitty sprinting towards its target. Then, it will prepare its attack by meowing two time. Then, it strike by pouncing on them with its wide gaping mouth as if to intentionally devour its target's hand whole.

Cuddly InvasionEdit

Kaiju Kitty will engage the attack by staying still in one place. Then, it will ready its huge cute eyes while evoking a heart shaped aura around it. All of the opposing team will have an heart attack seeing this irresistable attack.



  • Kaiju is Japanese for 'strange creature'.
  • Kaiju Kitty is the smallest Mutants yet.