Leech Lord
Leech Lord
Type NecroNecroNecro/Necro
Attack High
Life Resistant
Speed Slow
Health Points 1114
Speed 4.17
Attacks Necro Kiss of Death

Necro Kiss of Death+

Necro Cloak of Night
Necro Cloak of Night+

Resistant to Cyber Cyber

Galactic Galactic

Weak against Saber Saber

Mythic Mythic

"Nothing gets the blood rising like Leech Lord, you can count on him to make the audience swoon! The Leech Lord is a ladies favorite, so watch out guys he's a killer!"

—Mutopedia's description

Cross Breeding Info.Edit



The Leech Lord has (as all mutants with two identical mutant types) an attack which affects all opponents. Please consider that contrary to the Robot for example, this ability is secondary and therefore is not available from the beginning but level 5. He is strong (+25%) against Cyber creatures and excels (+50% damage) against Galactic type creatures.