Type ZoomorphSaber Zoomorph/Saber
Attack Very Low
Life Weak
Speed Very Fast
Health Points 881
Speed 7.14
Attacks Zoomorph Ferocious Kick

Zoomorph Ferocious Kick+

Saber Singing Swords
Saber Singing Swords+

Resistant to Saber Saber

Mythic Mythic

Weak against Cyber Cyber

Galactic Galactic

"From the mysterious mountain labs Indo-Asia comes Rakshasa. Blending traditional fighting styles with his genetically brewed build is something to behold. Very few live to see another sunrise after a bout in the arena with him!"

—Mutopedia's description

Rakshasa is considerable a rare breed of both Zoomorph and a Saber mutant. It is rated as a "Rare" Mene Mutant.


Rakshasa is a powerful and skillful fighter with fierce fighting spirit. It's agility is very commendable despite its lack in endurance.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Rakshasa is an anthropomorphic tangerine saber-toothed tiger with grey stripes. It wield a knuckle claw in one hand while a katar in the other. His arm is wrapped with some studded leather armguards(both hands that is). Rakshasa also wear a red sash slightly lower on his hips. His grey pants is armored with some guards by the ankle and the penile spaulders.


Rakshasa is very useful when fighting against Sabers and Mythic. His commendable agility made up for his lacking of endurance. Even though his attack power is Very Low, the fact about it is it's actually above very low, in between low-average. Rakshasa is best paired up with Reptoid and other Cybers against Sabers for easy level ups. One should not really pair him up with other party members with low Life.


Rakshasa's name, is a 'lisp' pronunciation of the word monster/beast in Malay, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore. The correct pronunciation is 'Raksasa' (Ruck-sà-sà)


  • The Rakshasa Boss, is a bear rather than a tiger.


Ferocious Kick+Edit

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Singing SwordEdit

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