Type Cyber Cyber
Attack High
Life Resistant
Speed Slow
Health Points 1151
Speed 4
Attacks Cyber M2M Missiles

CyberM2M Missiles+

Neutral Flame Thrower

Resistant to Saber Saber

Zoomorph Zoomorph

Weak against Necro Necro

Galactic Galactic

"The Robot, the perfect fighting machine of the military insdustrial complex turned future gladitor for your enjoyment. The core of every successful cyber mix is this powerful steel behemoth, prepare to be blasted!"

—Mutopedia's description

Robot is one of the earliest Mutants available for choice in the game. The other two is Warrior and Zombie.


Robot does have dominance over Attack, but since it's default attack is M2M Missiles, which attack power are spreaded out and averaged. Amongst the other two of the earliest choice, it has the lowest Speed, but comparably higher in Health.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Robot is a large built android-like robot with a somewhat rugged feature. It is typically carmine all over, made from metal and a notable cannon on it's back.

Like most robots, Robot's apendages have limited flexibility, the primary cause of it's notable sluggishness. It's head seems to protrudes from it's body, somewhat like how ladybugs' head does.

Also, Robot seems to have 'wings' on it's back. Probably function as one of it's rocket boosters.

Tips of Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Robot is useful for it's High Attack. Also, as a common Cyber Mutant, it boasts a Resistant Life, almost par with it's double tiered Cyber-Saber sub-family, Enforcer. Although it is exceptionally favorable when fighting against slower enemies or with party member with greater Speed, one shouldn't try to make them even fight Zombies for Necros's dominance against Cybers and because of their great Speed. Since it may be considered as 'feeble' before can obtain it's Flame Thrower attack, one should also try tp level them up against Warriors in the earlier stages.