Saber (Mutant) is an Exclusive Zoomorph-Mythic first released in November 2015. It was given to players who downloaded and linked Kobojo's new Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey rpg.

Appearance: Edit

He resembles a eagle-winged lion or saber-tooth tiger wearing a type of harness. The creature is referred to as a "Flyon" in the Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey game, where it acts as the mount of the main character.

Stats: Edit

  • Attack: Cataclysmic
  • Health: Tank
  • Speed: Intermediate

Attacks: Edit


  • Damage: 557
  • Upgrade: 1590[1]

Storm of Blades

  • Damage: 557
  • Upgrade:

Mutopedia Entry: Edit

"Formidable and largely unapproachable to others, Saber is fiercely protective of Cael, always ready to spring to his side in battle when he most needs it and never flagging as they explore the wilds of Orcanon together.

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