Stealth Bot
Stealth Bot
Type CyberSaberCyber/Saber
Attack Medium
Life Average
Speed Intermediate
Health Points 1031
Speed 5
Attacks Cyber Lazer Beam

Cyber Lazer Beam+

Saber Saber Slice
Saber Saber Slice+

Resistant to Saber Saber

Zoomorph Zoomorph

Weak against Necro Necro

Galactic Galactic

"Man and machine in perfect harmony, that's what the techs tell us. A perfectly trained assassin contained within a flexi-steel combat suit. You won't see or even feel those molecular blades until it's too late!"

—Mutopedia's description

Stealth Bot is a Mene Mutant with primary Cyber gene and a secondary Saber gene. Stealth Bot is very favorable for it's competent attack power and good speed.


Although not as fast as it's Mene counterpart, Dead Bot, Stealth Bot's overall stats is quite exemplary as it's mutant gene combination is very tactical.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Stealth Bot appears as a very ectomophic android with yellow and silver platings. It's body features are made so to eradicate wind resistance for greater mobility. It's head is somewhat shaped like a lizard, having a laser cannon in the mouth. Stealh Bot's dual blades are notable long. The blades are from steel, with another blade replacing the pommel and the guard is made curved to one side and has a blade which ironically replacing the role of the guard.


Stealth Bot's good overall stats is very admirable for a Mene Cyber. Among the other standard Cyber mutants(Robot, Dead Bot and Android), Stealth Bot's has the best overall stats. Even fighting against Necros are quite favorable for that feature.


Tazer BeamEdit

When performing Tazer Beam, Stealth Bot with leap forward in front of the target. It will then gap open its mouth while withdrawing the laser cannon. He will then blast the target with a sharp , green neon beam, followed by an after-release big blast.

Tazer Beam+Edit

Stealth Bot will charges forward. Then, it will combine both of its dual blades to become a bow-like weapon. Stealth Bot will then slash through the target using a neon energized blade, cleaving them with a powerful cut.

Saber SliceEdit

Stealth Bot charges towards the enemy and then perform a leap, he will perform a lightning-quick slam using his blade.

Saber Slice+Edit

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