Undead Dragon
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Type NecroZoomorphNecro/Zoomorph
Attack Destructive
Life Resistant
Speed Very Slow
Health Points 1191
Speed 3.57
Attacks Necro Blighted Breath

Necro Blighted Breath+

Zoomorph Jurassic Charge
Zoomorph Jurassic Charge+

Resistant to Cyber Cyber

Galactic Galactic

Weak against Saber Saber

Mythic Mythic

"The reanimated corpse of a dragon, a ruthless scavenger ready to swoop down upon its prey and savagely rip it to pieces. Its flames of acid do most of the damage, annihilating its enemies."

Mutopedia description

"Rare" Morph achieved by breeding a Necro and a Zoomorph together

Physical AppearanceEdit

As said on its name, it is an undead dragon, with its skin peeling apart, and there are arrows and big chunks of wood pierced into its flesh.


Blighted BreathEdit

It will dash forward and will bring out its breath of fire.

Jurassic ChargeEdit

It will dash forward and bite the its opponents.