New Features

  • PVE Rewards added.
    • Players will receive an additional reward for completing each Campaign.

  • Gold Display added to additional screens.
    • Now easier for Psy Captains to check their gold amount when checking certain screens.

  • New Legendary Mutant coming to the Store.
    • Can be bred into Elite version using himself as one parent.

  • Campaign Ticket Full Notification.
    • Psy Captains will be notified when their campaign passes are full.

  • Update to Breeding Centre.
    • Bred elite mutants will now always be as strong or stronger than shop bought versions.
    • Psy Captains who put time into breeding can get mutants with increased stats compared to normal.

  • Neighbor Visit.
    • Psy Captains can now visit their Friends Rooftops.

  • Bug Fixes and Balancing.

New Mutant skins added:

  • Zombat - Silver 
  • Bushi - Silver
  • Deus Machina - Bronze & Silver & Gold
  • Stealth Bot - Silver
  • Undead Dragon - Gold
  • Alien - Bronze & Silver

Known issues

  • Sound turns off when visiting a friends rooftop (fixed via refresh).
  • On rare occasions cyber compound will still show worker when finished and you will be unable to place a mutant (fixed via refresh).