Virgon is a CYBER-MYTHIC Zodiac mutant of period of Virgo Zodiac. She has got a very low attack (like Dead bot, 198 normal), resistant life (Techno Taoist, 1130) and very fast speed, 10.


  • Beam Cluster, Cyber, 198
    • Beam Cluster, Cyber, 297
  • Astro Charge, Mythic, 198
    • Astro Charge, Mythic, 297


The legendary Virgon is said to have an affinity with the inhabitants of the planet Mercurian, who used to pray to her for protection over the innocent. Although a mostly benevolent power she also have an ability to strike down those who provoke, using her legendary fragments guns.


  1. Virgon is the first and unique Zodiac mutant who is a female.