Type Saber Saber
Attack Low
Life Average
Speed Fast
Health Points 989
Speed 5.56
Attacks Saber Slice & Dice

Saber Slice & Dice +
Neutral Smack & Hack
Neutral Smack & Hack+

Resistant to Necro Necro

Mythic Mythic

Weak against Cyber Cyber

Zoomorph Zoomorph

"The desire to create a super soldier through genetic manipulation dates back to the mid-twentieth century., but it wasn't until Gene Arena that it was perfected. Not every warrior is a muscle bound brick; lightning reflexes, weapon mastery and more play their part in helping create the ultimate competitor."

— Mutopedia's description

Warrior is one of the earliest Mutants available for choice in the game. The other two are Robot and Zombie.


Warrior is generally stronger for their dominance against Zombies. Their fair Speed made them quite favorable for the earliest choice even for beginners.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Warriors are masked with viking-like armor for equipment.
They possesses a muscular built just by their chest, arms and legs, but not much on their abs. There is a blood marking of a handprint on their stomach, particularly very notable.
They wield a very large axe, which is crescent-shaped, one side-bladed and have a skull at the pommel as an ornament.

Tips of Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Warriors are favorable for their fair stats overalls. Warriors are great for fighting any Necros and Mythic, even in the earliest possible stage. Although, before it can even obtain it's Smack & Hack attack, one should also try to level them up against Zombies in their earlier stages. One may also try to avoid Warriors to even fight any Cybers in the early stage other than Robots before they may possess the Smack & Hack attack.