Type ZoomorphNecroZoomorph/Necro
Attack Very Low
Life Weak
Speed Lightning
Health Points 717
Speed 11.11
Attacks Zoomorph Night Crawler

Zoomorph Night Crawler+

Necro Sonar Smash
Necro Sonar Smash+

Resistant to Saber Saber

Mythic Mythic

Weak against Cyber Cyber

Galactic Galactic

"There is no mystery behind this undead flyer. His only motivation is attack, kill, annihilate and given his aerodynamic advantage this proves to be far too easily accomplished. But there are no brains behind this monster (except for the ones he craves) and his motivations can be easily understood and therefore effectively outsmarted."

—Mutopedia's description

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Night Crawler+Edit

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Sonar SmashEdit

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