Type Necro Necro
Attack Low
Life Average
Speed Fast
Health Points 938
Speed 6.25
Attacks Necro Toxic Tongue

Necro Toxic Tongue+

Neutral Deadly Geurilla
Neutral Deadly Geurilla+

Resistant to Cyber Cyber

Galactic Galactic

Weak against Saber Saber

Mythic Mythic

"Some people love them, some hate them, butt all fear them. The base unit for nay Necro fan starts here with the ever popular zombie model. No Feelings, No Remorse..."

—Mutopedia's description

Zombie is one of the earliest Mutants available for choice in the game. The other two is Warrior and Robot.


Zombies are favorable for their great Speed for an early Necro type. One may want to make them pair up with with other slower allies to balance the scale.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Zombie appears to be an already decayed corpse that still have some of it's organs. Most of them are notified as 'males', indefinitely even though the dead are suppose to be genderless. Their attire is pratically, part-urban and common. Their clothes are tattered all around from the tip of their hats to their single boots. Zombie seems to have a highly mutated tongue for it's capability to stretch out, almost twice the length of Zombie's body. They also seems to carry some hand-grenades with them by their belt.

Tips of Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Zombie is useful for it's Fast Speed. Also, even though a common Necro, it boasts an exemplary Speed of 6, very useful when fighting against slower enemies such as Robots. Zombies are notably very vulnerable from Sabers' attacks. One should not try to have them fight the Sabers directly because of their vulnerability against their dominance because of their type. One may favor over to train Zombies against Robots since they can quickly dispatch them without taking any serious damage.