Zoomorph is the fourth Gene Mutant type encountered during the course of the game. First encountered as the boss fight of the second campaign section and unlocked upon defeating said boss. Zoomorph is strong against Mythic and weak against Galactic, and they are Pathetic against Cyber but Brutal against Saber.

Zoomorph mutantsEdit

Icon Name Icon Name
Beast Icon Beast Arachno Icon Arachno
Reptoid Icon Reptoid Cerberus Icon Cerberus
Zombat Icon Zombat Rakshasa Icon Rakshasa
70px Leohart Kaiju Kitty Icon Kaiju Kitty
Parasite Queen Icon Parasite Queen 70px Cosmo Kong
70px Dracus Nobilis

Zoomorph CompoundsEdit

Name Cost Maximum Gain Capacity Size
Zoomorph Compund 25000 credit 5000 credit 2 Mutants 7 x 7
Super Zoomorph Compund 15000 credit 15000 credit 3 Mutants 8 x 8
Mega Zoomorph Compund 65000 credit 30000 credit 4 Mutants 9 x 9

Zoommorph AttackEdit

Name Ability Name Ability